E Class All Terrain- A Mercedes-Benz, with a Difference


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Mercedes Benz India has the biggest range in India amongst all the other manufacturers today in the segment it operates in. Right from the A Class, this though is discontinued, all the way till the Maybach.

In the plethora of products, right from a hatchback, to sedans, to crossovers, to SUV’s, there is this, the E Class All Terrain- A Sedan in the clothing of an SUV.

We got, up and close with this E Class All Terrain, to figure out, where and how this car does really fits the bill.

How’s it on the outside?

Upfront, the W213 and the S213 E-Class’ are so similar that a layman can’t tell them apart. It’s only when you move to the side you realise that this E-Class All Terrain ain’t an ordinary E-Class. It is built keeping a purpose in mind. The Estate-like silhouette looks good and we are reminded of why we chose this over the W213 E-Class. The S213 E-Class All-Terrain also gets body cladding all-around to save the car’s paint from scraps whenever you get a bit too enthusiastic off-the-road.

Unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, the Estate All-Terrain features a 29 mm higher ride height due to the Air Body Control air suspension (15 mm) and 20 in wheels fitted as standard (14 mm). What makes this E-Class All Terrain apart from the E-Class? Well, in terms of aesthetics they’re apart in-terms of the silhouette (one is an Executive Sedan while the other is an Estate). That’s just not about it. Well, consider you’re on a cross-country road-trip with your family. Since it’s a cross-country road-trip, you can’t predict the road conditions always and you’ll have to take a detour whenever the need arises. Also the detour may not have the best of the roads and that is where you regret the decision of picking up the W213 E-Class over the S213 E-Class.

Imagine you’ve bought yourself the S213 over the W213 and imagine yourself in the same situation as before. Detours? What are they? The E-Class All-Terrain takes all of that in its stride. The ever-active All Wheel Drive system is ever-ready to pull you out of some tough situations ahead of you with ease.

The E-Class All-Terrain is well-deserving of its name, both in visual and in technological terms. The Air Body Control air suspension features a specific level control system that can be used to raise the suspension to increase ground clearance even further. What’s more? The All-Terrain drive program adjusts controls Electronic Stability Program (ESP) or the Acceleration Skid Control (ASR) to deal with unsurfaced roads or adverse road conditions. Particularly in conjunction with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, this ensures extremely reliable traction and effortless acceleration.

Well, we just spoke about the technical and aesthetical aspects of the E-Class All-Terrain. I’m sure many of you are interested to know the Insider Story.

How’s it on the inside?

Besides the appointments colour black, the AVANTGARDE interior also offers the two-line specific colour schemes nut brown / black and macchiato beige / black for personalised styling. The 3-spoke multifunction steering wheel in black nappa leather with touch control buttons, seats with horizontal quilting and aluminium trim elements help to ensure a sporty atmosphere.

The 64-colour interior ambient lighting package just leaves you in awe. Whatever your mood is, you have the right colour to go well for the right mood of yours.

While everything is well thought-off for the E All-Terrain, there’s one thing which the owners will complain about. The beige carpet combined with Velour carpet mats will be a pain for the owners to maintain. Imagine you’re back from your trip and the car is all messy and the OCD in you is killing you every time you have a look at it. Black carpet would’ve been a better choice for the All-Terrain.

Who doesn’t like to smoke while on a late-night drive with the sunroof open and all the windows down (I don’t do that but it looks cool)? Well, there are two ashtrays in this E; one in the front and one in the rear. If you’re at the wheel or back there relaxing while your chauffeur drives for you, you can still enjoy your Cigar. We’d still say Smoking is injurious to your health! But the E is determined to not help you quit this habit of yours.

The E-Class All-Terrain is as-loaded as the ordinary E-Class. While this may not get the Electrically-Reclinable seats at the rear (with the 37-degree recline angle) for practical reasons, it gets most of the kit from the W213 E-Class. The COMAND System comes with a Touchpad and also supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration.

All said and how does it drive?

The E Class All Terrain, comes with air suspensions on all the four corners. While the E350D in this guise feels wobbly, surprisingly the All Terrain does not. Thanks to the active all wheel drive system that ensures that the car is absolutely planted at all times.

We didn’t spend much time with the car, however with the little time that we got to spend with the E Class All Terrain, the car felt absolutely sure footed even though we were gunning it for the limited time we drove.

The All-Terrain’s 2.0-litre diesel engine makes the same 194hp and 400Nm of torque seen in the E 220 d sedan. Performance and refinement levels are also similar. The engine is smooth in the way it delivers its power; and though it is not outright punchy like a like-sized BMW diesel, the Merc unit feels strong. The nine-speed auto is slick in its shifts and chooses the right gears most of the time.

The Verdict then…

The only other car that the Mercedes-Benz E Class All Terrain competes in its segment is the Volvo V90 Cross Country, which is similarly priced too.

In Isolation, the E All Terrain is a fantastic product, rides well, has unique presence, can take you out of tough situations, should you get in one and in general take you around the city or cross cities, with utmost comfort and luxury. But you would say, why not the regular E then, well what the E All Terrain brings to the table therefore is the practicality and mild soft roading capabilities with an elegance of a sedan.

Team Motorise, would like to thank the entire team of Landmark Mercedes to let us shoot and test the car.

This featured presentation is bought to you in collaboration with LandMark Mercedes, the only Mercedes Benz authorised dealer in Thane, Mumbai.

Should you wish to buy a Pre Owned or a brand new Mercedes-Benz Car, we recommend paying them a visit once to have a look at their swanky new showroom.

They can be reached on - Mr. Kirtish Sawant (Landmark) - +91 63535 30698

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