How is it to Live With A Volvo V90 Cross Country


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Ting-Ting, Ting-Ting, Ting-Ting, Ting-Ting, Ting-Ting.

God, why does Monday have to come in so early, and why does the weekend have to end up so early, I mutter as I reach out to stop the alarm. I wake up from the bed, switching off the air conditioner, and proceed to get ready.

I get ready, and by the breakfast table, I catch up with my daily dose of business news while having the breakfast. CNBC, my favorite morning channel and Economic Times, my favorite business newspaper. With breakfast done, morning dose of business news done, I grab my car keys and step out of the house to take a lift down to basement to get to my car.

Ohh, I didn’t introduce who I am yet isn’t it. So,I am someone who follows this mantra- Work Hard; Party Harder. I am someone who loves quality and is ready to spend for that quality. I am someone who loves to pick things that are exclusive,yet functional and modern.While I love business news, I also love my 33000 strong collection of music and I am very very very particular about how the music sounds. I am someone who loves to keep things simple, yet classy and sophisticated. I am what I am made off, and self made at it. I love to go on long drives and own things, which highlights my individuality, and hence I drive this- The Volvo V90 Cross Country.

Woah, hold on who owns a Station Wagon, and calls it exclusive? Aren’t stations wagons a thing from the past. And well, just who, who turns around and looks at a Station Wagon?

But how about me saying, people not only turn around, but also ogle at the Station Wagon that I drive. As the Station Wagon I drive, is Swede designed and built Volvo. Volvo’s once associated with making boring cars, today, make cars, which make heads-turn. No exaggeration here, but at every signal, people did turn around and look at the car.

With on-going metro work in each and every corner of the city, traffic snarls are second to roads here. And then this Volvo V90 Cross Country is pretty lengthy at 4939 millimeters. While zipping in and out of traffic may look like a pain in the ass initially, but when you get used to the car, you will be surprised how the car is able to wrap around you and get in and out of lanes with much ease. Be warned though, with Active Lane Assist feature switched On, unless you have turned on the indicators for performing lane change maneuver, the car won’t let you change the lane, pretty neat and safe I would say. At every signal though, at every intersection though, every-time you are at stuck in traffic, be ready for those occasional glares, no not to you, but to the V90 that you are driving. But what do you do, if you are stuck in traffic, won’t that be a pain point, which such a lengthy car at your disposal? Well, pretty simple, tune up the volume on the fantastic sounding 18 high fidelity premium speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. Nothing, absolute nothing comes closer to how this system sounds, no matter what track you play, right from Sufi, to Country Music, to Bollywood, to Instrumentals to even EDM. Considering the summers are ruthless, it really gets hot outside, but on the inside, the cooled front seats ensure that you feel cool instantly.

As I am enjoying the songs that are being played in the background, I just didn’t realize, how and when I ended up reaching the office. Car parked in the basement, I pick my polish leather bag, my lunch bag, and lock the car. As I walk few meters, I turn around and glance at the car, just to see the THOR Hammer Like LED lit up, I re-lock the car via the key, and then walk off.

Busy day at work, it’s a Monday, back to back team meetings, review meetings, stake holder meetings and the time flies in a jiffy. I have had a tiring day, I look into my watch and its already 7 even before I realized in seven. As I pick my bags and as I take lift towards the basement, all I am thinking is, how I wish, someone gave me a nice back massage. I unlock the car, keep my bags behind, sit on the drivers seat, switch on, and drive off. I play some instrumentals to uplift my mood, change the color of the ambient lights to match my mood, and fiddle with the electronic seats control module, to activate massage. With 3 different massage options available to suit my needs, I choose the pulsating module to massage all the way till my upper back. Feels so relaxing. While in the morning the traffic was still relatively moderate, but evenings get really bad here in Mumbai. One advantage though, no body comes really close to luxury cars, other around maintain a decent distance around you.

With soothing instrumentals playing in the background, matching the ambient lights, and my back being massaged, I activate Adaptive Cruise Control, which further heightens my sense of convenience and comfort, as the car now is braking and accelerating in partial autonomy mode. I can give that much relief to my legs now.

Even after being behind the wheel for almost 1.5 hrs, I arrived home relatively fresh and in good mood rather than being in grumpy and dejected.

A working week goes by with similar work pattern, but my liking for the Volvo V90 does not reduce, passers by turning around and glancing does not reduce, and you reaching home in utmost comfort and luxury becomes second nature.

And then the much much much awaited weekend comes in.

Friday morning, a long weekend coming up, and I and my friends plan camping. The site for camping no doubt is scenic, but then there’s one problem, at-least that’s what my friends think. Coz one of them owns a Audi Q5, the other one owns a BMW 530D. So there’s a confusion what to take considering the road conditions.

The drive to camping spot, though is scenic, 30% of the road encompasses a combination of bad stretches and no road situation and some patches of complete off road to reach the spot.And they are thinking, what to take to the camping site, a true blue SUV, which would be boring to drive on those straights, but would come handy on bad sections of the road, or a Sedan, which can be used to blast down the well paved Tarmac, but will suffer on bad stretch of roads.

Well, here’s where my Volvo V90 came in handy. On straights, I knew I can blast down the roads and on those bad patches, select off-road and the car raises itself slightly, so that it does not scrap below.

So then, for that camping, it was decided, Volvo V90 Cross Country is what we would be taking. But then can the V90 carry the luggage too? Fret not, as the 590 litres of boot space is enough and more not only to carry everyone’s bags, but even the tents and camping items needed. So with 4 people, on-board and all our luggage tucked in neatly inside the boot of my V90 Cross Country, we set out to our camping site.

The four zone climate control AC ensured that all four of us were comfortable with individual preferences of temperatures.As expected on the winding sections of the tarmac, the V90 stuck to the line like a leech. And I covered the fresh tarmac distance much faster than expected as the 2.0 litre, 245 HP diesel mill was eating kms for breakfast. People around were giving way, as probably they were fearing those bright Thor Hammer Inspired DRL’s.

Soon as we were munching miles, we realized that even our tummies were asking for fuel. So we stopped by at local restaurant for quick breakfast. After sumptuous breakfast and a good 30 minutes break, I let my friend drive the Volvo while I sit besides on the front passenger seat to fiddle a bit more with the audio setup and enjoy my music. As we hit back the tarmac, 20 kms in to it and the road starts getting bad. However, the V90 Cross Country, does not loose its composure. The all wheel drive system ensures that the car feels at home in any given road condition. After 50 kms of mildly broken and potholed road, we leave the tarmac to go off road towards our final destination for the day, the camping site.

We unpack the camping equipment's, set up the tents, get the barbecue grill ready and set ourselves to enjoy the evening and night ahead with beautiful scenery all around and the stars for the company.

After enjoying the scenic camping site through Saturday evening to Sunday morning, it was time to head back to the concrete jungle. I take the charge of the wheel this time, to get this Cross Country back to the well paved tarmac and blaze down the winding sections of the road. Only this time, I activate complete autonomous mode by switching on the Pilot Assist along with Adaptive Cruise Control. What this mechanism does is, self-drives the car in partial autonomous mode and speed limit below 80 kmph, all you have to do as a driver, is keep your hands on steering.

So that’s what I do. With my hands on steering, speed set to 80 kmph, and road ahead having clear lines, I activate the Pilot Assist, and voila, the Volvo V90 Cross Country, takes over the charge from me and self navigates itself. A word of caution though, the system is “fool” proof; but not “fools” proof. So it’s a good idea to be alert, even though the driving duties are taken care by the car.

If Saturday evenings was with friends, then Sunday was with family. And then mrs’s wants to go grocery shopping on a Sunday evening. I anyways need a reason to drive the beauty, so with entire month’s grocery list, off we go to pick up the grocery at hyper-city.

If the V90 Cross Country could carry the luggage of 4 adults and camping equipment, then carrying the month’s grocery is a piece of cake for it. However, the amount of attention this Volvo gets at the hyper store, with people just ogling at the car. Well, that’s like people giving a celebrity undivided attention and wanting to pose with him/her.

Well, that’s how my life with a Volvo V90 Cross Country has been. Is it a sedan, well yes, on those straight on winding highways, it loves to be pushed, and it holds the line very well. Is it a SUV, well yes again, it has the necessary off-roading hardware, to take you on your mild off-roading sojourns. Is it a wagon too, well yes, it can carry all of your luggage in one go too…

So what is a Volvo V90 Cross Country really. Well, its more car- per car. It can take you comfortably to your office, and you can show it off to your colleagues. It can help you go on those off-road trails, not the extreme one’s, but mild one’s for sure, remember, I went camping. You can go grocery shopping with your mrs. And hell yeah, you can go on those business lunches and ensure you get some glares to drive in, in such a beautiful machine.

That’s the Volvo V90 for you then, your go anywhere car, no wait, a SUV in guise of a car, no wait, a Wagon.. Aah, I can’t decide, why don’t you decide.

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