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The Art of Performance Tour is a series of dynamic experience events across India that provide an opportunity to witness what it’s like to get behind the wheel of a Jaguar under the guidance of expert drive instructors.

At the event customers experience Jaguar’s exhilarating performance and its seductive luxury, a rare combination that truly excites the senses.

Conducted in 7 cities across India, Team Motorise was invited at the event which happened in Mumbai on 18th and 19st May 2019. We were able to experience complete range of Jaguar Products on offer in India right from Jaguar XE to Jaguar F-Type SVR.

We also were able to test the off-roading capabilities of LandRovers, as LR had organised their legendary The Above and Beyond Tour, to give a quick glimpse of LandRover Discovery Sport’s off-roading capabilities.

Through three activities that LandRover had lined-up, we were able to test Discovery Sport’s Traction Control Telemetries, Hill Descend Control Capabilities and LandRover’s Patented, Off-Roading Cruise Control. Out of all the three activities, the highlight was cruise control for off-roading.

We also were able to test the off-roading capabilities of LandRovers, as LR had organised their legendary The Above and Beyond Tour, to give a quick glimpse of LandRover Discovery Sport’s off-roading capabilities.

What it basically does is, the SUV is able to self accelerate and decelerate basis the road conditions, and the cruise can be activated at the lowest possible speed.

Once we experienced the Discovery Sport HSE’s enthralling off-roading capabilities, off we went for the driver briefing conducted by eminent, 8 time formula car and Karting Champion Mr. Rayomand Banajee, who also is a founder of Rayo Racing and Indi Karting. We were briefed about the three activities that we were going to be part to experience the Wild Cats; wildest being the F-Type SVR. Slalom Test, High Speed Lane-Changing accompaniedwith Emergency Braking and Drag were the three activities for the day. For Slalom and Lane Changing we were to drive Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF, Jaguar XJL and their latest Jaguar F-Pace. While all the sedans were diesel powered, the F-Pace was petrol powered. Drag was exclusively for both the F-Types.

With briefing done, off we went to experience the cars.

First was the Slalom Test. We had to navigate through the cones. We got to test all the 4 cars. First up was the smallest Jaguar XE, being the smallest and the most taut, the XE was able to hold the cornering line the best. What surprised us the most was Jaguar’s F-Pace. It was unbelievably agile round the corners.

We expected the XJL to be the most difficult to drive around the corners, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that, for its size, it managed to stick around the corners well.

Post the Slalom, we quickly jumped into the second activity, which was high speed lane change and emergency braking activity. Here once again, the F-Pace outshined almost everybody. The body roll control, was much sharper than even the nimblest XE.

Finally came the time to floor the F-Type. And boy oh boy, was it fun? Heck it was. The engine rumble itself was orgasmic. Imagine, you getting to floor the V6 pumping out excess of 340 hp of power. And you have been specifically told to floor it. The acceleration that we experienced in 80 odd meters pushed us and the instructor in the co-drivers seat back into our respective seats.

With all the activities done, it was time to reflect, what would we choose, to buy, amongst their entire range. Well, with each product at a different price point and targeting different customers, while it would be difficult to pick one, but we would definitely love to pick the Jaguar XE, for it’s perfect proportions, stellar performance and class leading ride and handling capabilities. If modernity is what we were after, nothing comes closer to the F-Pace. It is by default the most modern Jaguar ever, and no wonder their latest too.

We briefly also caught up with Rayo later, that’s what Rayomand loves to be referred as to ask him, what was his choice amongst all these Jaguars. He said, and to quote him, “The F-Type SVR is obviously my favourite, thanks to its mental 0-100km/hr. Among the everyday use cars, I would pick the XE which is nimble, powerful and absolute thrill to drive on regular roads. With the activities we create, we are able to showcase the exhilaration one can get while driving the entire range of cars. The F-Pace as an SUV is also fantastic to drive. It has a brilliant handling coupled with a good amount of power, which makes it ideal for a buyer who wants superior car like handling, from their SUV.”

That pretty much sums of our experience at the Art Of Performance Tour organised by Jaguar India.

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