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Skoda makes cars for two categories of people. One, people in middle or senior management, who love cars with solid build quality, with top notch features, that you mostly expect from the Big 3 and are complete value for money. Point in case, the Skoda Octavia, the Skoda Superb and the Skoda Kodiaq. All of them are in true sense- More Car, Per Car.

Two, people who want all this and with all this they want more performance, more power and more involvement. For this kind of people Skoda makes something called as Skoda Octavia RS.

We had it in India earlier in the RS 230 guise, and we have it back in India, this time in more powerful, more involving, and more intriguing RS 245 guise. What is means is this Skoda Octavia RS gets not only bump in power, but also torque, which makes it go even faster.

Showcased and launched at the Delhi Auto Expo, the official bookings of the car have begun today, and as we write this, we have been told, that out of 200 units available for India, 120 of them are already being sold. Unbelievable isn’t it?

So what’s new this time around.

Well for starters, the assertive and dynamic character of the RS 245 is further accentuated by the innovative chassis technology with electronically regulated VAQ limited-slip differential. The high-performance beast of a machine accelerates a standstill to a 100 km/h in mere 6.6 seconds and has its top speed ‘electronically limited’ to 250 km/h - instating it as the fastest Skoda Auto offering, in India. The vRS Mode button, on the centre console, adjusts the characteristics of the engine, electronic assistants, and stability control systems, for a penultimate driving experience.

Overall design language is similar to the current generation regular Octavia, which is dominated by a massive front butterfly grille, with gloss black surrounds now, instead of chrome inserts and now the bumper gets broader honeycomb air inlets. The side profile of the Octavia RS 245, with glossy black 45.72 cm R (18) dual tone Vega alloy wheels and wing mirror housings, lengthens the vehicle visually and emphasises the coupé-like silhouette. The sports chassis lowers the body of the new RS 245 by 15 mm when compared to the OCTAVIA model range, on offer, in India. The rear is dominated by C shaped illumination, typical of the Skoda model range, is tastefully complemented by the glossy black spoiler and trapezoidal tailpipes that make the vehicle confidently stand out.

On the interiors, what’s new is now an all digital instrument console, carried forward from the other Skoda products and an all new design three-spoke SuperSport flat-bottom multifunction steering wheel with paddle-shift and black perforated leather with red stitching lend the vehicle an emotive and authentic appearance. The black Alcantara® Sports Seats with integrated headrests don the RS logo and enhance the sporty appeal of the interiors. The twelve-way electrically-adjustable driver and front passenger seats, with lumbar support and three programmable memory functions for the driver seat ensure that you are always in the right driving position and in utmost comfort even though you would be pushing the car harder through the corners.

On comfort and convenience front, it’s a Skoda, and we know what to expect from a Skoda car, and the Octavia 245 RS is no different. The state-of-the-art 20.32 cm touchscreen central infotainment system, is equipped with SmartLink™ technology (Skoda Connectivity bundles supporting MirrorLink®, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto) that mirrors the smartphone for seamless connectivity and an undistracted drive. The dual-zone Climatronic air conditioning system, with clean air function, features electronic regulation. It is also fitted with a humidity sensor that reduces the windscreen misting.

Priced at INR 36 lakhs ex-showroom, many of us may argue, at this price point, well one may end up getting the BMW 330i, of course after a bit of haggling on discounts. Then why buy a Skoda 245RS, and not a BMW 330i.

Well, to answer that question, simply put, the BMW 330i, is not going to be an exclusive car, neither is it a CBU, nor is it as spacious as the Octavia. Heck it does not even have a dual personality, like what the Octavia 245 RS does. When you are with you family, with the oldies of the house, she behaves in a docile way, not even letting them know, what kind of lethal monster she is. But when you are alone, she is a lethal monster, who can gobble anything thrown at her, with speeds, shall I say as can put much bigger sedans to shame.

For that, the Skoda Octavia RS245, makes a perfect case. But the flip side to all this is, time is running, there are only 200 units to be sold and we are told, 120 of them are already sold.

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