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It’s pouring outside, and you have had a really long day at work. Aaah, while you love to drive your machine, today is not a day to drive, as the traffic everywhere and all around is going to be bad. While it is good to say that being chauffeured around is a good thing, you equally need a car that can carry you around, when the traffic is going to be bad, in good comfort. The luxury car market, is either heavily tilted towards cars, which has humungous rear space, but are boring to drive, or are fun to drive, but come at a cost of limited rear bench space.

It is a given that most of the Indians love to be chauffeured around. More so, in the case of luxury cars. For people who love (and want) to be chauffeured around, the space in the backseat becomes a top-priority. This was one of the reasons why Mercedes decided to launch a Long Wheelbase Version of the E-Class specially re-engineered for our Right Hand Drive market. This gamble of Mercedes paid them off well.

On the other hand, the Bavarian Barge was happy selling the 5 and 7. But for people who couldn't afford the 7 had to settle for the 5. Not only was it smaller in price, it was also comparatively smaller in space. For someone who wanted to be chauffeur-driven, the LWB E-Class became a default choice for many. But as the earlier ethos, the E Class, does not really excite the driver in you, but the Sethji in you, would definitely enjoy the E. But aren’t you someone, who would want to happily jump into the driver’s seat most of the time and leave the rear seat for kids, and on such long days, would want to enjoy the rear seat, what would you buy then?

That is when the concept of the 6GT came into life. The 6GT, brings in the dynamics and sharp lines that the BMW’s are famous for and the rear leg room and rear comfort, due to extended wheel base. Now should this be your defacto choice then, read further to know more.

The 6GT is dubbed as the successor for the F07 5-series GT and is based on the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) which underpins the latest G-series lineup of cars at BMW. Without a further ado, let's get onto the details of the review.

Design Language - Exteriors

As said earlier, the 6-series Gran Turismo is classified as G32 by BMW. As compared to the outgoing F07 5-series GT, 6-series GT is a much better looking car. While the F07 put in a sad face, the G32 puts up a more confident and upright face in comparison. While the latest cars from the BMW are no great lookers (compared to its predecessors), the 6GT surprisingly looks better than its predecessor.

The front profile is reminiscent of any other BMW, just that now the bumpers have got sharper, the headlamps have got sleeker and now house all-LED BMW Adaptive lights and the kidney grill now sport active aerodynamics which open and shut basis the machinery requirements. Next to the air-dams now you have sleek fog lamps, which also get LED treatment. What we had for the review is the sportier 630D, with the M Sport Trim (which is standard), that comes with sportier bumper, aggressively designed side skirts, bigger alloys and aggressive brakes. From the front, the 5 and 6GT bear a very similar face and it is hard to tell them both apart by looking at their face.

The side-profile is where the difference begins. The longer wheelbase (over the 5) gives you an idea of the space what the 6GT has on the inside; more so at the rear. The roof merges down into the boot giving it a coupe-like look from the side. The 19-inch rims on the M-Sport trim look good and give the car a meatier stance (as compared to the Sportline and Luxuryline trims of the 6GT). The frameless doors add to the character of the 6-series GT and this is one cool thing which you’ll love on the BMW GT’s.

The 6GT is a pretty long car. The overall length has gone up by 150-millimeters as compared to the 5-series while the wheelbase stands at 3,070-millimeters. The wheelbase of the 6GT is equivalent to the overall length of some mainstream entry-level cars (you get the gist right?).

Coming to the rear, the all LED tail lamps give the car a sportier character. The rear bumper sports a diffuser which adds a dash of class and sportier appeal to the car, and the boot opens up as a notch back, allowing easy loading and offloading of your luggage.

The boot of the 6GT is humungous by all means. The rear seats will fold down in 40:20:40 split given a total boot space of 1800 literswhich allows you to move your entire home when the need arises.

Design Language - Interiors

Step inside and you’re welcomed by the similar interiors which you’re used to seeing on the other Bimmers. The doors open wide aiding for better ingress and egress which is a good thing. The front seats are well bolstered, the cushioning is soft, and the thigh extenders work perfectly well to give you additional comfort on those long drives. The dashboard, just as any other BMW is driver centric, it gets bigger 10.25 centre screen, which is absolutely intuitive to use, comes with satellite navigation and BMW’s much famed gesture control. The driver instrument console is all digital with metal inserts, which adds a character to it. The display changes basis the mode that you choose to be in.

The i-Drive, as always is very intuitive to use and it can be controlled by the scroller next to the gear knob, or buttons on the steering wheel or simply use voice commands to use it. The storage space below the centre console houses wireless charging pad, which also wirelessly pairs the iPhone for Apple CarPlay.The ambient lighting in the 6GT is more pronounced just as in the 530d, with similar six dimmable color options (Orange, Lilac, Mint, Bronze, Blue and White) to suit every individuals taste and needs.

Since the BMW 6GT is all about the rear, let’s talk about that in detail. Open the large rear doors and you see how spacious the car is. There’s acres of legroom and headroom is more than sufficient despite the coupe like styling. The windows are large and get electric sun blinds. The panoramic sunroof adds a very airy feel and BMW has done well by adding four zone climate control and rear entertainment system. The rear seats are super comfy and the back rests can be adjusted electrically too. The headrests get pillows that are super soft and feel luxurious.

The M Sport variant comes with beige/black interiors, which to some may feel claustrophobic, but what helps minimize the feeling is the enormous panoramic sunroof. It’s aids to roominess and light in the cabin.

In Car Entertainment

The In-Car Entertainment system consists of a 10.25-inch screen for the i-Drive. The i-Drive acts as a brain for many features inside the cabin. The good part is that the 6GT gets the rear seat entertainment package from the 5-series and could come handy to keep your kids engaged over the weekend drives.

Powering this 10.25-inch audio screen is the 16-speaker, 600-watt high end surround system from Harmon Kardon, which boasts of high fidelity sound. The bass is rich and deeper, and unlike other systems, it does not distort the vocals or the mids. In short, whether you are listening to the ghazals or retro or EDM, the music is going to sound good. Connectivity options include wireless Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and USB.

Performance- Engine and Gearbox

Mechanically, the 630d comes with the same engine as the 530d M-Sport. As with this Straight Six Diesel Motor, it churns out a healthy 265 horses, while the max torque is rated at 620 NM. BMW claims a 0-100 time of 6.1-secs and a top-speed of 250 kph (limited electronically). The 6GT is only less than half a minute slower to the 530d M-Sport (the latter does the same 0-100 in 5.7 secs). That’s decently fast for a car of this size and weight.

The Inline-6 diesel motor is mated to an 8-speed Gearbox from ZF. As with the gearbox, the shifts are lightning fast and that’s a good thing. The gearbox knows what exactly you want and executes your command without any drama. The ZF8 gearbox, as with the 530d M-Sport, gets a Sport tune for the same.

Performance- Ride, Handling and Drivability

The 6GT features air suspension and ride quality is fantastic despite the low profile tires and 19 inch alloys on the M-Sport. The air suspension manages to isolate you from all the odds on the road so that you enjoy your power-nap back home while your chauffeur is on duty. You can also raise the suspension via a button, which is useful while going over speed breakers due to the car’s long wheel base.

As like all BMWs, the 6GT is super fun to drive. The steering responds well to inputs and is well weighted. Grip levels are fantastic too. Body roll is well under control around corners despite the size and braking is good at all times.

There are quite a few drive-modes to choose from in the 630D. There’s Eco-Pro, Comfort, Comfort Plus, Sport, Sport Plus and Adaptive. The Eco-Pro helps in extracting that every extra bit of fuel which might help you save some money but you’ll have to sacrifice drivability for that. For those city drives, Comfort Mode goes about doing the job; it controls the 265 HP aggression well, and helps you maintain the pace with the start-stop traffic. What Comfort Plus does more over the Comfort mode is it softens the suspension even more to give you that carpet-like ride quality. Out on the highway, switch to the sport mode, and then this beast leaps forward like no one’s business. The moment you switch to Sport Plus mode, the beast unleashes its true potential and then, she plasters a wide grin on your face. However, the smarter mode between all of them is the Adaptive Mode, as it constantly adapts to your driving style and keeps shuffling between softening the suspensions and stiffening the suspensions, basis the road conditions, speed and your throttle inputs.

The Verdict

The 6-series Gran Turismo seems like the perfect all-rounder of this segment. It has acres and acres of space at the rear so you could stretch comfortable after a hard day at work. What’s more? It still is a BMW. What that means is that you’ll be grinning as you gun this car every time on the expressway over your weekend drive. Sure, this isn’t as aggressive as the 530d but this ain’t less than a 530d either.

If space, comfort, driving dynamics are your top priority, then the 6GT would surely manage to impress you. There is the E-Class Long Wheelbase but that’s nowhere as fun to drive as this one is. The 6GT manages to get the best of everything. Considering it was raining today, and not an ideal day to drive back home, we suggest, you should sit back, relax and enjoy your content on the 10.25 inch screens behind, while your chauffeur drives you home. However, if weather gods are any good on a brilliant weekend, we would recommend, it’s a perfect machine, to blast down those unwinding sections of the highway, with windows rolled down, and wind blowing in your face, as you grin wide, really wide.

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