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When Tiguan was launched by Volkswagen somewhere in the first quarter of 2017, at INR 28 lac ex-showroom price for the starting variant, the Tiguan was the cheapest German SUV you could buy.It offered same level of German Quality, that you expect from BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz. And the cheapest SUV from the top 3 brands would definitely set you back by twice the amount, if not less.

Globally, the Tiguan, did put the sales charts on fire for Volkswagen, but in India, it was reverse. It didn’t particularly put the sales chart on fire as the numbers were mostly around few hundreds month on month. While the customers did appreciate the German build quality, they found the Tiguan a bit expensive for what it offered, considering its Sibling, the Kodiaq, offered much more at a marginal price hike, plus the Kodiaq, came with additional third row of seating. And Skoda being Skoda, they offered some simply clever features in the Kodiaq, which became irresistible for customers looking to buy a SUV.

That is where, Volkswagen decided to up the game, and bought in their 7 seater variant of the Tiguan called the Tiguan All Space. On the exterior as well as the interior, it looks identical to the Tiguan, leaving for the increase in size on the exterior and addition of the third row in the interior. Ok all right truth be told, it does look much more beefier than the Tiguan and once again has that impeccable german build quality with consistent shut lines and tight panel gaps everywhere. This time around, Volkswagen has priced the Tiguan All Space at INR 33.25 ex-showroom, and while the Tiguan did get a diesel mill, the Tiguan All Space comes with a 2.0 Tsi (BS6 Compliant) petrol motor. This pricing brings it very closer to the entry level SUV’s from the house of BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz, but has a size advantage to its side. However, BMW and Mercedes continue to offer diesel mills under their hood, and Volkswagen offers only a petrol motor- does it work to its disadvantage then. And should you choose the Tiguan All Space now over its established cousin the Kodiaq

Let’s first have a look at the Tiguan All Space and decide.

Design Language: Exteriors

If you have seen the Tiguan, the Tiguan All Space looks identical to the untrained eyes. However look closely and you will realise that the Tiguan has grown in size. This makes it look beefier now, then before. It is now 215 mm longer in length at 4701 mm, 28 mm taller in height at 1674 mm and the wheel base has increased by 106 mm at 2787mm. Interestingly, the width of the Tiguan All Space is identical to Tiguan at 1839 mm. The design has proportional cuts and creases at various places, but never does it appear particularly busy or cluttered. It still carries the same understated elegance that Volkswagen cars have come to known for over the ages, be it a decade old Polo/Vento, or the Passat or even modern age T-Roc/Taigun.

The front is marked by typical Volkswagen family look. Upfront you get the twin slat grille with chrome inserts, LED headlamps with swanky looking DRL’s and larger than life lower air dam and low slung fog lamp which pretty much dominate the front of the Tiguan All Space. Another nice feature and a nifty feature to have is the headlamps washer, which activate moment you press the wiper stalk.

The side profile is yet again a no nonsense affair with a dash of black cladding on the flared wheel arches and a strong character line that runs across the shoulder of the car before merging with the tail lamps. There is also a new chrome line running alongside to bring in a dash of elegance, which in my opinion looks classy. The Tiguan All Space continues to get 18 inch rims with 235/55 section tires, which lend decent amount of grip. I continue to love the way the OVRM’s fold-in once closed, it gives classy stance to the SUV.

There are numerous geometric shapes coming together at the rear as there is a mish-mash of several lines merging together. The tail lamp is typical VW-Audi style with a boomerang like shape and crystal elements integrated inside. The boot space is reasonable at 230 litres with all seats up, but will the third row folded down, the boot space is massive at 700 litres. The Tiguan All Space gets hands-free tail gate opening function, which is a new addition to the list of features.

Overall, I must say the Tiguan All Space, it looks like a grown up Tiguan and in a good way. So if you are someone who loves his cars to have a no nonsense design and has subtle elegance to it, you are going to like the way Tiguan All Space is designed.

Let’s now step insider

Design Language: Interiors

On the inside once again, things are pretty similar to the other Volkswagen group cars-minimalistic yet functional. Tiguan came with all black interiors, however with Tiguan All Space, Volkswagen has given all black interiors with Habanero Orange Metallic & Red Metallic and light grey interiors with Platinum Grey Metallic. So if you are fan of all black interiors, then you will have to choose the Tiguan All Space with colour and if you are a fan of light grey interiors then you will have to choose the Tiguan All Space with colours apart from the above two.

What we had for the review is the SUV with Platinum Grey Metallic, with light grey interiors. Things haven’t changed much compared to the Tiguan. The interiors aptly reciprocate the understated design philosophy of the exteriors. There is no instant feeling of wow here, but spend some more time with the interiors and you will start appreciating the quality of things in here. Volkswagen has really given top-notch quality all around. The way everything is put together for instance, with no ungainly panel gaps or rough edges or the tactile feel of the buttons, it is right up there with the very best.

The dashboard layout is minimalistic, with the centre console flanked by an 8 inch screen titled towards the driver to give him/her the command. Analogue driver cockpit now gets replaced with Active Digital Cockpit, which is crisp and sharp to look at and offers 3 different modes/views to choose from. Whether you talk about the quality of stalks or the switch gear, they feel outright premium, and the leather wrapped flat bottom steering wheel feels good to hold in the hands while driving.

The Vienna Leather wrapped seats are well contoured and offer good support for all type of builds. The driver seat gets a 12 way electrically adjustable seats along with memory functions, which allow finding perfect seating position or lumbar adjustment a breeze. However the co-driver seat still has manual adjustment. At this price point, I think, Volkswagen should have given electric seats adjustment for the co-driver too, considering its sibling offers the same.

Where Tiguan came with hard plastics in some places, I had no such complains from the Tiguan All Space, as this one comes with soft-plastics all around. List of features also is quite exhaustive. For starters you get panoramic sunroof, three zone climate control AC, auto dimming & heating mirrors, headlamp washers, cruise control, auto parking, cooled glove box, auto LED headlamps, auto rain sensing wipers, 7 airbags all around, auto hold, lane assist, ambient lights, navigation and the list just continues.

Moving to the rear, one thing that you realise immediately is that the added wheelbase, has added more space in the rear. Plus, the Tiguan All Space comes with sliding and reclining middle seats, which allows you to extend the legroom. You also get foldable laptop tray on both the seats, ac vents, charging points and cup holders. The seats themselves offer excellent lumbar and thigh support and one can easily stretch out seating here on those longer journeys.

However, in Tiguan All Space, you also got the third row, time to check that out. Well, truth be told, getting inside the third row is quite a task. And once in, you will immediately realise, that this row is best suited for kids. However, you do get couple of chubby holes to keep your titbits.

Overall, I would say, the interiors of Tiguan All Space are likeable, they may not be exciting or you may not utter wow. But they are liveable and they will for sure age well. So if you are someone who’s looking for an SUV, with these credentials, Tiguan All Space’s interiors will impress you.

In Car Entertainment

Tiguan All Space comes with 8 inch super crisp and super sharp touch screen. The haptic feedback from the screen is as good as some of the premium smart phones. The audio duties are taken by a 8 speaker set-up. While the speaker setup is not from any premium audio brand, but little bit of tweaking and the sound quality gets reasonably closer to premium brands. The bass notes are deep, an the low notes are crisp. Yes you will miss the premium set-up, but you can live with this setup.

Having said that, this clearly is a missed opportunity for Volkswagen here. Today the likes of Kia Sonet, Hyundai Creta or even Tata Tiago offer premium audio setups.

Performance: Engine and gearbox

Volkswagen has clearly given a heart transplant to the Tiguan with Tiguan All Space. While the Tiguan came with an able 2.0 Tdi, the Tiguan All Space comes with a 2.0 Tsi, churning out 190 HP and 320 NM of Torque. The engine is mated to a 7 speed DSG gearbox. If you have driven the TSi’s with the DSG combination in any earlier form and if you know the characteristics of this combination, then you will be happy to know that, this combination too shows same eagerness to move forward, even though the Tiguan All Space is 2 tonne heavy. The engine revv’s right up to 6000 rpm mark effortlessly, which helps in making quick progress.

The 7 speed DSG shows up its character of quick shifts and it really helps the Tiguan All Space to make quick progress. Infact you will be surprised that the Tiguan All Space darts to 100 under 9 seconds. I must say, I have always been a fan of this combination. While DSG’s have had their issues in the past, largely attributed to their failures and then huge maintenance bills reported by the owners. But I am happy to report that off-late most of the issues related to DSG’s have significantly reduced.

Performance- Ride and Handling

Nothing much has changed here as compared to the Tiguan. Just as the Tiguan was fun to be with, I am happy to report same characteristic for Tiguan All Space too. It is absolutely planted even at high speeds, just as any other German car should be. Even the handling is absolutely tight around the corners, all thanks to the stiffly set suspensions. With a rev happy Tsi motor, it darts off very well. But what really lets down the whole package is the steering feedback. It’s a big vague and dull. Don’t get me wrong, its not a Hyundai here. But not really up there with what you expect on the handling front from a German Chassis. Having said that it does weigh up well as you keep going faster and it will go in the direction you point and shoot, pretty confidently. Overall, as mentioned earlier, the Tiguan All Space is more fun to drive with this Tsi motor.

The Verdict

For whom is really the VW Tiguan All Space. This was something that we had left to decide towards the end. Well, let’s look at it this way, the way Tiguan All Space is priced, it comes close to the mid variants of say the BMW X1 (if you are able to get best deals) and then with the BMW X1, comes the brand BMW. But then, you heavily compromise on space. Tiguan All Space, is as big as same the Audi Q5 or the BMW X3, plus get the added convenience of a third row. Not that, that third row is much usable at all times but, nevertheless its there.

So if you are someone who does not want to pronounce to the world that you have arrived, and yet want a German SUV which does not compromise on safety, comfort, technology and luxury, well, the Tiguan All Space is your answer.

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